Weekly News March 21, 2022

Since it’s Spring Break, we’re light on the news. We’ll be back with our Brown Bag Talks next week, so be sure to join us then! As a reminder, check out the extensive list of this year’s PAA 2022 workshops. Created by generous PAA members, the workshops are designed to enhance your skills and understandings on […]

Weekly News March 16, 2022

First, a message from Kathleen Cagney, Director of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, and Professor of Sociology: The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research (ISR) is holding a symposium the afternoon of May 12, 2022, in Ann Arbor, to honor Bob Schoeni’s memory and love of mentorship. As you likely know, […]

Weekly News March 8, 2022

First and foremost, we extend our biggest congratulations to BPC affiliate Amani Allen, Professor and Executive Associate Dean in the School of Public Health, for receiving the Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity. The CAAIEE award is presented to UC Berkeley faculty members for outstanding contributions in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and […]

Weekly News March 1, 2022

The Population Reference Bureau is planning to include a review of publications on obesity and U.S. aging for the next issue of Today’s Research on Aging. The following key messages will be covered: * Rising obesity rates among older Americans* Why this matters:  Implications for severe COVID-19 risk, chronic disease risk, dementia, disability, mortality* Causes:  Some key risk […]

Weekly News February 22, 2022

EVENTSAs in-person events are on hold, be sure to check out virtual talks and webinars. All times are Pacific unless otherwise noted. Wednesday Feb 23 12-1:15 pm. Demography Brown, Stepháne Helleringer, NYU, Abu Dhabi. “Measuring excess mortality associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in low-income countries” Demography Seminar room, 2232 Piedmont Avenue, and Zoom Meeting ID: […]

Weekly News February 15, 2022

Save the date! We’ll be (virtually) holding our 8th annual Berkeley Workshop in Formal Demography, on June 6-10, 2022. Once again we’ll feature COVID-19 and demographic processes (mortality and possibly fertility). Stay tuned for details regarding application. EVENTS All events are Pacific Time unless otherwise indicated. February 16 | 12-1pm | Zoom | Berkeley Population […]

Weekly News February 9, 2022

We have extended our deadline for CEDA pilot grants to February 15th. Funded projects will begin in August, and will receive direct costs generally in the range of $15,000- $30,000 per year. See further details and how to apply HERE. On the NIH front: Do you have questions about funding opportunities, developing an application, or managing […]

Weekly News February 2, 2022

EVENTS February 1 – April 26 | 4-5pm | Zoom | Tuesdays, with exceptions. Berkeley Computational Social Science Forum. Info HERE. February 2 | 12-1pm | Zoom | Berkeley Population Center Brown Bag. Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez of Community Health Sciences, UCLA, will present his paper entitled, “Biological age and its link with the aging process.” Zoom Meeting ID: 917 3719 4316 Password: DEMOG_BB. February 3 […]

NIA T32 Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunities

POSITION DESCRIPTION The UC Berkeley Demography program is widely regarded as one of the best and most creative in the world. We occupy a unique niche in the population studies landscape, with a strong focus on formal demography, population theory, and the relationship between demographic dynamics and social, cultural, and economic dynamics. The UC Berkeley […]

Weekly News January 26, 2022

The NIH’s new Biosketch and Other Support requirements go into effect as of January 25, 2022. The following links, put together by a team of BRS and SPO representatives, inform how to understand and respond to these changes:NIH Other Support: Summary of ChangesNIH Other Support RA/PI Guidance and Best Practices documentUC Berkeley FAQ NIH Other […]