Population Research at Berkeley

Berkeley population scientists are conducting pathbreaking theoretical and empirical research spanning a broad range of topics in the population sciences, from basic science to policy.  Notable interdisciplinary areas include formal demography and data science; biodemography and genetics; social mobility and health disparities; and behavioral economics approaches for reproductive health policy.  Several specialized research centers on campus encourage innovative scholarship through pilot grants, small conferences and support in the development of major project proposals.  


CEDA facilitates and sponsors aging research in four thematic areas, in keeping with its focus on the economics and demography of aging:

Research Themes

Berkeley Population Center

BPC exists to create a community of population scientists, who are supported in their research, keeping Berkeley at the frontier of demography and population research.

Research Themes

Bixby Center

The Bixby Center is dedicated to helping achieve slower population growth within a human right framework by addressing the unmet need for family planning.

Research Themes

Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative (BIMI)

We are a partnership of faculty, researchers and students who investigate human mobility, immigrants’ integration and the ways migration transforms societies around the world.

Research Themes

  • Refugees
  • Political Incorporation
  • Policy