Acknowledging BPC and CEDA

Correctly Acknowledge a Supporting Grant

Both CEDA and BPC benefit greatly from publications that are generated either directly or indirectly from Center support. The most obvious means of direct support is via a pilot grant. Any work flowing immediately from the pilot, or two years downstream from follow-on work, are appropriate for connecting to the grant. Other direct support is from work presented at a conference sponsored or cosponsored by the Center(s) that led to a publication. Indirect support is from collaborations commenced at conferences, use of data provided by the Centers (e.g. Full Count), or with discretion, publications emerging from grants that prepared and submitted with Center support.

In Publications

The correct phrasing for publications is something like “We acknowledge (partial) support from

The Berkeley Population Center, P2CHD073964″

or … The Center on the Economics and Demography of Aging, P30AG012839″

Submitting Publications to the PubMed Central Library

All peer-reviewed publications published after April 2008 that received even partial funding from NIH, through a grant, conference, fellowship, training grant, or other source must submit a final version of their paper into the PubMed system in order to get a PMCID number. Please follow the Instructions for the PMCID Process.