Templates and Instructions for Poster Sessions

While the content of your research is of primary importance, it also has to be accessible and clearly presented. Here we provide templates and guidelines for PowerPoint presentations and posters to be used in conferences and other public presentations of your work. The templates can be easily modified for those who are skillful with PowerPoint, if desired. We welcome new material and suggestions.

Templates and Guidelines

Other Resources

Poster Printing

  • The Moffit Copy Center is an on campus full-service provider for students and departments. Moffit can produce color and black and white posters up to 36″ onsite, in gloss or uncoated paper. Oversized posters or mounted posters can be produced at the UCSF facility and delivered back to Moffitt for easy pickup and delivery. Students can pay by cash or with credit card, and departments can pay with a chart-string.