Weekly News January 26, 2022

The NIH’s new Biosketch and Other Support requirements go into effect as of January 25, 2022. The following links, put together by a team of BRS and SPO representatives, inform how to understand and respond to these changes:NIH Other Support: Summary of ChangesNIH Other Support RA/PI Guidance and Best Practices documentUC Berkeley FAQ NIH Other […]

Weekly News January 18, 2022

Hello Everybody, As you have heard, I will be retiring on July 1 and am now working just part-time to ease the transition and helping our new Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Poulin, get oriented and trained into the position. I wanted to leave BPC in good hands, and Michelle is the right person and I […]

Weekly News December 13, 2021

More exciting news this week – join me in congratulating Rucker Johnson, who has just won the 2022 Grawemeyer Award in Education, for his work on the long-term success of school integration, thus fulfilling the mission of the award to recognize “ideas that have potential to bring about significant improvement in educational practice and advances in […]

Weekly News December 6, 2021

The semester is winding down but there are still some worthy events and announcements – peruse below. Have a great week,Leora ******* EVENTSWe are hosting virtual and/or hybrid talks this semester. Assume virtual unless noted otherwise. All times are Pacific unless otherwise noted. *The Population Sciences events calendar can be found here: https://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/popsci.html.*View past talks on our Population […]

Weekly News November 29, 2022

It’s a quiet week event-wise. I search for events I can bring to your attention in a variety of calendar but if you are giving a talk on campus, or elsewhere virtually, feel free to let me know and I’ll advertise it.Events and announcements followHappy Hanukah!Leora *******EVENTSWe are hosting virtual and/or hybrid talks this semester. […]

Weekly News November 22, 2021

While I always encourage our faculty and research affiliates to contact me about developing grants, we do have many other resources on campus.  In the School of Public Health one can contact Dr. Lauren Goldstein. For all campus researchers, the Vice Chancellor of Research supports BRDO – The Berkeley Research and Development Office. I encourage you to […]

Weekly News November 15, 2021

All funding agencies have priorities for their research dollars, and it behooves grant-seeking researchers to try to align their research goals with the agency mission. Alignment is not selling out, rather, consider it more of a job interview: what they want to pay for is what you want to do and are capable of doing. […]

Weekly News November 8, 2021

PAA announced that one can now reserve their hotel room for the annual meeting to take place April 6-9, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.  It’s always good to book in advance – it’s easy to cancel or reduce.  https://www.populationassociation.org/paa2022/hotel-and-accommodations.  I was asked if I knew of a fund to purchase tablets or phones that could be […]

Weekly News November 1, 2021

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) is reminding faculty supported by NIH grants that you will have to report any foreign support (not necessarily financial) in the Other Support document, beginning January 25.  Your RA will help with this requirement but do be prepared to declare anything (which could be, say, access to data, or office […]

Weekly News October 25, 2021

Somehow among all the congratulations for David Card’s Nobel prize arriving in my email box, I managed to not announce it last week in Weekly News, even though he is a Popcenter affiliate and has been serving as our Development Core lead.  While his work on wages (immigration vs native wages, and the minimum wage) are […]