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Weekly News – September 10, 2018


Wednesday, Sept 12, 12-1:10 PM. “Unstable and Unpredictable Work Schedules in Retail: Effects on Wellbeing and What to Do About It.” with Danny Schneider.  2232 Piedmont Ave.  Cookies and refreshments served. 

To view past brown bag presentations: http://www.vimeo.com/berkeleypopscience.
For the fall 2018 brown bag schedule: https://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/popsci.html.

Monday, Sept 10, 2-3:30 PM.  Working for Respect: Community and Conflict at Walmart, Adam Reich.  402 Barrows Hall.

Wednesday, September 12 | 4-5:30 p.m. “The Effect of Age at Migration on Poverty among Immigrants: Differences by Country of Origin” Alisa C. Lewin, University of Haifa, Israel Institute Visiting Faculty, Stanford University Visiting Associate Professor. | 2538 Channing (Inst. for the Study of Societal Issues), Wildavsky Conference Room

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Weekly News – September 3, 2018


Wednesday, September 5, 12-1:10 PM.  Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (UC Berkeley) will present, “How We Count: Why Quantitative Social Science Matters.” 2232 Piedmont Ave.  Cookies and refreshments served.  

To view past brown bag presentations: http://www.vimeo.com/berkeleypopscience
For the fall 2018 brown bag schedule: https://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/popsci.html

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 • 5:30pm–7:00pm. Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; the Goldman School of Public Policy; and the Berkeley Food Institute for a discussion on immigration and the future of agriculture in California. Alumni House

Thursday, Sept 6, 12-1:00  David Ragland and Tracy McMillan from SafeTREC will be talking about: “Aging in Place in Contra Costa County: How current conditions and future trends in mobility can inform policy and programming. 5101 Berkeley Way West.

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Weekly News — August 27, 2018


Monday, August 27, 2018, 2-3:30 PM. The importance of community context in immigrant detention. Emily Ryo, USC. 402 Barrows Hall.

IRLE Fall Open House Reception. Wednesday, August 28 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018, 4:10 – 5:30 p.m. “Does Diversity Matter for Health? Experimental Evidence from Oakland” Marcy Alsan, Evans Hall, room 648.http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/econ.html?event_ID=118539

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Weekly News — August 20, 2018

Friday, August 24, 12-1 PM. Labor Lunch: “Flexible Work Arrangements and Precautionary Behavior: Theory and Experimental Evidence” Davud Rostam-Afschar, University Hohenheim. 648 Evans Hall.

Next week
IRLE Fall Open House Reception. Wednesday, August 28 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. 
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 • 5:30pm–7:00pm. Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; the Goldman School of Public Policy; and the Berkeley Food Institute for a discussion on immigration and the future of agriculture in California. Alumni House

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Weekly News — August 6, 2018

Friday, August 17 | 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. UC Berkeley Aging Research and Technology Innovation Summit. Stanley Hall. Ticket required – $25 for students, $60 for faculty. The link above has information about the program and registration.

“Managing Lands in a Changing Climate to Improve Agricultural Resiliency, Food Security and Health” Monday, September 10 entitled. The event is affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit event which runs from September 12-14 in San Francisco. Of relevance for the Popcenter is a panel: 
Combating the Impacts of Climate Change on Food Systems and Disease Issues at Multiple Scales
Moderator: Christine Johnson, Professor, One Health Institute, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
Ndola Prata, Director, Bixby Center for Population Health and Sustainability, UC Berkeley
Stephen Luby, Director of Research, Center for Innovation in Global Health, Stanford University
Christine Stewart, Professor, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Click here to register for this interactive, action focused event as space is limited. The deadline for ‘lightning talks’ and posters is July 27. 

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Weekly News – July 23, 2018

UC Berkeley Statistics and D-Lab R Bootcamp 2018, August 18-19, 2018. GPB 100, UC Berkeley. This workshop will be an introductory short course on the statistical/data science software R. The short course will be a thorough introduction to working with data, statistical analysis, and programming in R, with no prior knowledge assumed. Attendance is free of charge. Registration is required. If you have questions about the bootcamp, please email r-bootcamp@lists.berkeley.edu

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Weekly News – July 9, 2018

“Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) Grants”,
 released by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Applications are due no later than August 20, 2018!  Information on the FOA is below and the link for additional information is:  https://www.samhsa.gov/grants/grant-announcements/ti-18-016
•         FOA Number: TI-18-016
•         Application Due Date: Monday, August 20, 2018
•         Purpose:  The program aims to address the opioid crisis in tribal communities.
•         Eligibility:  Federally recognized tribes, and tribal organizations. Tribes and tribal organizations may apply individually, or in partnership with an urban Indian organization.
•         Anticipated Total Available Funding:  $50,000,000 
•         Anticipated Number of Awards: 263
•         Anticipated Award Amount:  Funds will be distributed noncompetitively. For more information, view Appendix K in the FOA. 
•         Length of Project:  Up to 2 years
•         Cost Sharing/Match Required?:  No

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Weekly News — June 16, 2018


NIA Paylines. NIA has recently posted their current pay-lines. See them, along with new funding topics, at https://www.nia.nih.gov/research/blog/2018/06/double-header-blog-post-pay-lines-and-new-approved-concepts .

Census Issues Request for Comment on Decennial Data Collection: In compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act, the Census Bureau issued a request for comments on the 2020 Census on June 8. The request provides an opportunity for feedback on the Bureau’s proposed information collection activities associated with the 2020 Census, including the addition of a citizenship question (which COSSA opposes). Comments must be submitted by August 7, 2018. More information is available in the Federal Register notice.

Education and Health: New Frontiers (R01) 
Clinical Trial Optional.  Fall Due Dates (Oct 5 for the R01, also comes in R21 and R03. The goal of this funding opportunity announcement is to support research that will further elucidate the pathways involved in the relationship between education and health outcomes and in doing so to carefully identify the specific aspects and qualities of education that are responsible for this relationship and what the mediating factors are that affect the nature of the causal relationship. Click on the R01 announcements which also has links to the R21 and R03: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-18-387.html

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Weekly News – May 28, 2018

BIDS Training:  Click on the links for precise times and information about registration.
June 11-12Introduction to Shell, Git and R.  BIDS. 190 Doe Library
July 16-17Introduction to Shell, Git and PythonBIDS. 190 Doe Library
August 6-7Introduction to Genomics Data Wrangling BIDS. 190 Doe Library. 

Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training (RT2) in Los Angeles Sept 5-7, 2018
 To be considered for financial support, applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm PDT June 4, 2018. Notifications of acceptance for applicants with financial support will be sent no later than June 12, 2018. RT2 provides participants with an overview of tools and best practices for transparent and reproducible social science research. The curriculum is developed and delivered by academic leaders in the open science movement and there is space for collaborative work and hands-on skill building. Participants are encouraged to bring existing research questions and ideas based on their own interests to seek support and feedback from instructors and other attendees. BITSS will consider applications for self-funded participants on a rolling basis through 11:59 pm PDT August 20, 2018.  For more information, https://www.bitss.org/events/research-transparency-and-reproducibility-training-rt2-los-angeles/

2018 NCFR Annual Conference, Nov. 7–10. San Diego | Town and Country Resort & Convention Center. Learn more and register here: https://www.ncfr.org/ncfr-2018/registration-details