CEDA: Call for Pilot Research Proposals

CEDA continues its long-standing NIA-funded pilot grant program to support promising new research​. Proposals are invited in areas of population studies encompassed by CEDA’s mission, including CEDA’s signature themes:

  • Mortality and Health in Aging Populations

  • Biodemography of Aging (including population-level epigenetics)

  • Behavioral Economics applications to aging and health

  • Macrodemographic consequences of global aging

Note that in order to receive NIA approval, the proposed research should focus primarily on health outcomes, health-related behaviors, and other health and demographic determinants. https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-16-025.html There is some nuance to this NIH rule though, so please contact us if you are unsure whether or not your research would fit. 

An important goal of the program is to generate competitive extramural research proposals to NIA and other funders, thus applicants should justify the need for pilot funds in order to successfully facilitate transition to larger research projects.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but we request submission by February 6th for fullest consideration, with funding to begin in August 2017.  Funded proposals are generally in the range of $15,000-$30,000 (over one year), but larger proposals will be considered if well justified. 


Must have or be eligible for PI status at Berkeley, or if at another institution, be a CEDA member.

Application Format and Process

  • Two to four-​page proposal describing project aims, innovation, approach, research team, budget*, and timeline for pilot and future activities.​
  • ​ Be sure to indicate whether the project involves human subjects.
  • The proposal should also state whether it is expected that the research will lead to a regular NIH proposal. ​

* Funds can be used to pay a GSR, purchase data, conduct experiments, and other reasonable purposes.  Funds must be spent by June 30th, 2018, and other requirements apply. If the proposal is selected for funding, Liz​ Vasile (at CEDA) will help develop a more formal budget as needed.

​See the ​Pilot Grants Guideline document for details.

If you are thinking of submitting a proposal, you are welcome to email or phone Will Dow (wdow at berkeley.edu) or Liz Vasile (evasile at berkeley.edu) first to discuss it. Submit the proposal by email to Liz Vasile.



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